From Heartache to Healing – Colleen Harrison

From Heartache to Healing - Colleen Harrison


At Last–Help for the Spouses of Sex Addicts

Help for those trapped in sexual addiction has only recently been available, especailly material written from an LDS perspective. Sadly, help for the loved ones of those addicted to sexual acting out is becoming available even more slowly. In From Heartache to Healing, Colleen and Phil Harrison offer compassion, understanding, and help. The principles in this book will help you understand your situation better, but even more, will give you concrete advice in dealing with a most heartbreaking situation. There is hope for healing, through the Power in Jesus Christ. Colleen and Phil help the reader access that power for themselves.

Based on Personal Experience

Phil Harrison struggled with addiction for over 30 years. After his first wife, Kathy, passed away, he married Colleen less than a year after getting into a 12 Step recovery program. Colleen had previously been married to another sexually addicted man, but one who did not seek help or recovery, and ended up going to prison because of his indulgence in his addiction. When Colleen and Phil became acquainted, Colleen had been divorced from her first husband for several years. Based on their experiences, Phil’s with addiction and recovery, and Colleen’s, with marriage to two different men with different approaches to their sexual addiction, the authors share from a wealth of experience concerning what works and what doesn’t work.

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