Jason H King, PhD

Dr. Jason H. King

People enjoy working with DrKing because he is compassionate and non-judgmental. Yet, he knows how to challenge his clients when they need this supportive lift to recover and heal. His clinical expertise was recognized nationally in 2012 when the American Mental Health Counselors Association awarded him Mental Health Counselor of the Year. His professional education and training include human sexuality, compulsive and addictive behavior treatment, contemporary issues in counseling, and advanced clinical practice. For 20 years, DrKing has worked with children, adolescents, and adults. In addition to being skilled with individual, couple, and family interventions, he conducts psychosexual and forensic evaluations. His extensive experience includes helping all gender types with hyper-sexuality, compulsive sexual behaviors, virtual sexual interactions, fetishes, sexual dysfunctions, and sexual victimization/trauma. Not only does he treat the problem, but most importantly – he treats the entire person. DrKing knows how to develop holistic treatments that address each client’s unique relationship factors, vulnerability factors, stressor factors, cultural or religious factors, and medical factors.

Dr. King can be reached via email or 801-960-2315.

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