The following letter was provided to SA Lifeline Foundation by a Bishop.  It provides valuable insights into the role a Stake President can have in addressing the important issue of Pornography / Sexual Addiction.

On a beautiful day last spring (2009) I was working outside in our yard and one of our wonderful neighbors approached me holding a book in her hand. She held it out and said that she had felt impressed to give it to me.  And, that I should read it.

I gratefully accepted the book, He Restoreth My Soul, and added it to my collection.  I had just attended a conference at the South Towne Center (South East Salt Lake County) on pornography and had come away with stacks of reading material on the topic.  None of which I had taken time to read.  There just never seems to be enough time to do all I should.

This fine sister knew that I was the bishop of the young single adult ward in the stake.  With this calling comes the responsibility to counsel with members of the ward who are in need of spiritual guidance.  Many of them have had difficulty overcoming addictions of pornography and masturbation. She knew I could be of great help to others with this tool.

Because of the personal invitation by the sister, and the fact that we see each other and wave all the time, I felt a need to read He Restoreth My Soul.  Reading was slow at first, but I was encouraged to finish it before a attending a fireside where Dr. Hilton, the author, would be speaking.

As I got into the middle and end of the book I stayed up nights into the late hours to finish a chapter or an appendix.  I immediately saw the possibilities to help those I counseled.

We purchased a case of the books and gave one to every person I was working with who had a related need.  It not only helped those individuals, but some shared the book with their families.  It was wonderful to see the understanding gained by family members about the difficulties those addicted were experiencing in changing their lives and giving up pornography.

I have been counseling young single adults as a bishop for a few years.  Many have come to me seeking help and forgiveness from pornography and masturbation.  I seldom felt like I was able to help them effectively until I had this marvelous tool.  Now I feel there is a greater opportunity for change.  It gives hope and direction to all who will read it.

This book has blessed many.  I will continue to use it to bring about awareness, understanding and encouragement.  I have used it as a roadmap to success in healing and recovery from this plague of pornography that is enveloping the earth.  I know it will help you too.

As a side note:

I have shared He Restoreth My Soul with dozens of bishops and individuals interested in helping themselves and others.  It has been received with enthusiasm and humble gratitude.

Thank you Brother Donald L. Hilton for your inspired hard work in authoring this gem.  It has restored many lives and given hope to others.

Bishop D.


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