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Recovery Stories

“Healing the Broken Hearted”, Support for Spouses

In between conference sessions Deseret Media Companies, KSL and Out in the light aired a wonderful presentation directed towards womens who’s husbands suffer from pornography / sexual addiction. The presentation is extremely positive and filled with valuable stories and professional insights from Jeff T. Ford, LMFT and Geoff Steurer, LMFT. Both of these individuals spend…

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Husband and Wife Share their Recovery Story

Tal and Teresa Share Their Redemptive Story on Atlanta Live from Route1520 on Vimeo. A couple shares their story of recovery from Pornography / Sexual addiction.  They provide wonderful insight into how addiction impacted their lives, and how they worked towards recovery.  The path to recovery is amazing, and can bring great joy and happiness…

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Steven and Rhyll’s Recovery Story

Steven and Rhyll Croshaw Co-Founders of SA Lifeline Foundation share their experiences and stories as they have battled to overcome Pornography / Sexual Addiction. They share a message of hope, and how you can find recovery!

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Seth’s Recovery Story

Seth’s Story: Overcoming an Addiction to Pornography from Fight the New Drug on Vimeo. Seth shares his story of how he fell into and overcame an addiction to pornography. He talks about how it affected everything from his schooling to his dating relationships. Seth learned that honesty and transparency helped him overcome Pornography / Sexual…

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Jeff’s Recovery Story

Recovery Story – Pornography Addiction from SA Lifeline Foundation on Vimeo. Jeff shares his experiences as he works to overcome his addiction to Pornography. His experience is much like many others that struggle with this difficult addiction. Jeff shares, and we agree that you can overcome this addiction. You can get help and you can…

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