Getting Started
Pornography Addiction Recovery

Getting started pornography addiction recovery is simple, and is now available to you regardless of where you live.  All of the coaches at LDS Hope and Recovery have a Masters or Doctorate level degree, considerable training and experience in dealing with and helping those that struggle with this addiction, and their partners who suffer with Betrayal Trauma.  They can help you and your getting started pornography addiction recovery!

These are the critical steps to begin your path to getting started with pornography addiction recovery.

  1. Identify / choose your coach.
  2. Request an appointment either by phone, or this form.
  3. Signup for a free consultation by requesting an appointment either by phone, or this form.
  4. Learn more about our web technology.  Here
  5. Prepare a written explanation as to why you want to begin a serious program of recovery.
  6. Complete the new client registration / consent form.
  7. Begin educating yourself on Pornography / Sexual Addiction.
  8. Consider purchasing material from the recommended resources.
  9. Find and contact a SA 12 step group in your area.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.

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