“Healing the Broken Hearted”, Support for Spouses

Support for LDS Wives of Addicts

In between conference sessions Deseret Media Companies, KSL and Out in the light aired a wonderful presentation directed towards womens who’s husbands suffer from pornography / sexual addiction. The presentation is extremely positive and filled with valuable stories and professional insights from Jeff T. Ford, LMFT and Geoff Steurer, LMFT. Both of these individuals spend their days and nights working with couples who are struggling with the effects of pornography in their lives, and relationships.  They have considerable experience and provide help and hope that recovery from pornography addiction is possible.

This particular video focuses on the impact of the addiction has on spouses of addicts and how they can find their own recovery.  Three very brave couples share their stories of recovery.  The insights into how the atonement of Jesus Christ is available for spouses as well as addicts are extremely helpful and insightful.



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