LDS Hope and Recovery  is pleased to offer online courses focused on educating Men, Women, Parents, Leaders, and others on the Pornography / Sexual addiction. These classes will be be delivered via Internet Technologies.   The classes are 6 weeks long and will be available for anyone in your family who would like to attend.  We will be adjusting topics to meet your needs.

All meetings are held online utilizing the latest in web conferencing technology.  You can learn more about how these meetings work by visiting this link.  Research has shown that web conferencing is an effective way to deliver a message, and connect with others that do not live your immediate.  We have found that this technology is also effective when used for individual counseling and group work.  Our clients speak very highly about the interaction with our counselors using online technology.  We invite you to contact us to setup a free complimentary consultation, which will help you understand our approach as well as allow you experience the online technology.

Recovery from Pornography / Sexual addiction is possible with the help of a qualified counselor that understands this specific addiction, and understands the needs of partners.  Many members of the LDS faith feel that those that don’t share their faith find that non-LDS therapists tend to minimize the impact of viewing pornography.  We believe that because of advances in technology, especially web conferencing, this specialized help can now be available to all those that seek help regardless of where you live.

Please contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you!


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