Others have healed. So can you.


Receive hope from those who have already found healing from pornography addiction.

"My experience with LDS Hope and Recovery was amazing. It got me started on the path to true, lasting healing from my addiction, and gave me hope that I could get better. It was extremely helpful to have professional help based on LDS principles while still learning about the psychology of addiction and discovering tangible techniques to overcome it."  - Z.S.

"After struggling with pornography for years, reaching out for help found me at one of of the most difficult, and vulnerable crossroads in my life. My therapist was a beacon of strength, hope and support at a critical time for me and my marriage. I am incredibly thankful for the compassion, understanding, patience, and hope we received through his help, and the steps of recovery. Recovery has turned out to be one of the most rewarding and amazing discoveries of self and my relationships than I could have ever imagined." - B.W.

"Receiving counseling from Jed was an integral and vital part of my recovery. I combined his services with meeting attendance and getting sponsored. I have been sober for over two and a half years and I attribute some of that success to Jed's help. He was calm and non-judgmental while still being loving and supportive. He created an environment in which I could be completely open and honest. I had never experienced that before. I trusted the things he taught me and I found success as I applied them to my life. I learned a lot about who I was during my time with him; I had a lot of personal realizations, which were so critical for recovery. I leaned on Jed at the beginning. He was a strength for me--someone I could depend on, then as I moved forward Jed helped me develop personal strength. He didn't want me to be dependent on him; he wanted me to be self-sufficient. When I was ready, he helped me transition to a group meeting and then to life without his help--although he was always available if I needed his help. I have now been sober for two years and eight months. I am currently a sponsor and a facilitator. Jed helped me get here. I often share his insights with others. I can't say enough positive things about my experience with him and his counseling. I endorse him wholeheartedly as a competent and effective therapist."

"Just after learning of my husband’s pornography addiction I was relieved to find LDS Hope and Recovery. My husband and I went to counseling for over a year. At such a devastating and confusing time his help was vital. His knowledge and experience gave us hope and helped us at each step on the path of recovery. He gave us a solid foundation of powerful principles that we have practiced for four years now. He was an advocate for me, my husband, and our marriage. He created a safe place where I was able to “find my voice” and begin to heal from the trauma of addiction. I will be forever grateful for the help we received from him and would highly recommend him as a therapist to my closest friend." - E.W

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