I am LDS and need help with my Pornography Problem

Most everyone who is troubled by their pornography use asks the question, “Am I addicted?” A man attending a 12-step recovery group for sexual addiction stated, “I finally figured out that the reason I needed to quit was because I couldn’t. I hated what it was doing to me, but every time I quit I ended up going back.”

Simply put, you have a problem if pornography is negatively impacting your life and you are not stopping. Many people viewing pornography, like drug users, tell themselves they can stop and their behavior is not causing problems. However, if you tell yourself that you are not going to look at pornography anymore and then you find yourself doing it anyway, you probably need help. Pornography addicts return to thinking about, planning for and participating in secret behaviors that take priority over other healthy relationships and important activities. If you think you may have a problem, you likely do.

What do you want? Ask yourself – do I want to be struggling with this problem in ten years, or do I want to look back on this as a painful learning experience which I haven’t visited for ten years? After you have decided that recovery is for you, that you truly want to break the chains, the time has come for the next questions which are closely related to the first: What am I willing to do? How far (am I) willing to go? In answering these questions we come to the fundamental question at hand: How does one change from being “deeply soiled in sin” to a person firm in recovery with years of sobriety who has become spiritually pure?  (He Restoreth My Soul Donald L. Hilton Jr., MD)

The path to recovery is available to you.  Many have gone down this path before.  We don’t preach that this path is a quick one, or one that is wide.  It is narrow path, and one that is available to all of you regardless of how far your addiction has progressed.  Contact us today and find out what it is going to take become the man “who is firm in recovery with years of sobriety who has become spiritually pure”.

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