Pornography Addiction Therapists

Jed Anderson, CMHC, LPC

Jed Anderson, Pornography Addiction Therapist

Phone: 888-200-7951

Jed has spent over 9 years involved in specialized help from sexual addiction, he is passionate about helping those stuck in addiction as well as their spouses or other loved ones who are struggling with betrayal trauma. As a pornography addiction therapist the greatest reward for Jed is seeing people find hope and peace through recovery work and through healing the attachments with self, God, spouse and others.

Jed Believes that as with anything worth having in life lasting recovery is found by applying the correct principles and work, however it also requires healing and growth from deep inside ones heart. Jed is experienced and skilled at helping find and work through those deeper pieces that are often overlooked, misunderstood or linked to shame.

He also knows the road to healing for a spouse of an addict can seem very overwhelming, he is skilled at helping them work through the process of healing their hearts and finding a path back to trust and safety. Jed received his Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University in Draper Utah. His undergraduate schooling was completed in 2003 at UVU where he majored in Behavioral Science and Business Management. In addition to working with people who struggle with sexual addiction, Jed has worked with children and teens in foster and adoptive care who were struggling to overcome attachment issues.

Jed’s favorite things to do include golf, basketball, camping & hunting. He loves being a husband to a wonderful wife and father to five great kids.


Jason H. King, PhD

Phone: 801-960-2315  |  Email

Individuals appreciate Dr. Jason H. King’s non-judgmental yet challenging coaching style that results in lasting change. In 2012, he received the Mental Health Counselor of the Year Award from the American Mental Health Counselors Association. He has over 17 years of experience helping men and women discover hope to recover from the following problematic sexual behaviors fully:

- inappropriate sexual preoccupations (fetishes)

- compulsive usage of pornography or sexually arousing media

- emotional and physical affairs/infidelity

- sexual indiscretions, promiscuity, indiscriminate sexual encounters

- problematic sexual drive, fantasies, and behavior (masturbation)

Dr. King is also skillful in working with adolescents who are preparing to serve a mission, young adults who have recently returned from a mission, and adults of all ages who are in a relationship or a marriage. He developed an innovative spiritual treatment model – Triad of Sexual Behavior – that helps individuals get to the “root” causes of unhealthy sexual behaviors and replacing them with healthy sexual behaviors. As an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he understands its “unique” sexual culture (worthiness interview and temple marriage), its associated gender roles, and how to work collaboratively with ecclesiastical leaders. He currently serves in his ward as the Welfare Specialist – with a focus on emotional needs. Dr. is also knowledgeable of the Church’s Addiction Recovery Program and its 12-Step Guide.

Dr. King’s graduate education included courses in human sexuality, compulsive and addictive behavior treatment, and advanced clinical practice. His specialized post-doctoral training consists of the following:

  • Trained by Dr. Dan Siegal in his Interpersonal Neurobiology – so Dr. King understands how to re-wire the brain’s mirror neurons that become “addicted” to pornography, how to reform unhealthy relationship attachment styles, and how to heal from betrayal trauma (PTSD)
  • Trained by a Certified Therapist in Dr. Patrick Carnes’ Sex Addiction Treatment
  • Trained by Dr. John Gottman in his Gottman Method Couples Therapy, his Love Lab, and his Regain The Love and Trust‎ program from the Gottman Institute

Russ Gaede, PhD

Russ Gaede, PhD, Pornography Addiction TherapistPhone: 888-200-7951

Dr. Russ has over 15 years of experience helping men and women discover the hope to recover from issues related to pornography use, infidelity, and other sexual problematic behaviors through professional coaching as well as therapy. People appreciate his non-judgmental yet challenging counseling style that results in lasting change.

Dr. Russ works with adolescents, young adults and adults. He enjoys seeing the growth and change individuals and couples make during his coaching sessions.

He enjoys running, swimming, road biking, and spending time with his family.


Clinical Consultants

Elsebeth Green, LCSW, RPT-S, EM

Elsebeth & Guerry Green, Pornography Addiction Therapists

Elsebeth has worked with children and families for the last 16 years and specializes in relationships, attachment, and trauma. She has worked at the Division of Child and Family Services as a family preservation worker, at the Youth and Family Centered Services as their Family Services Director, and the Utah Foster Care Foundation where she trained foster and adoptive families for Western Region. Finally, in 2004, along with her husband, Guerry, and business partner, Collette, she opened the Green House Center for Growth and  Learning, where she serves as the Clinical Director.  Elsebeth enjoys presenting on a variety of topics professionally and as a volunteer in the community. She is the proud mother of six and the grandmother of 7.

E. Guerry Green, LCSW

With a Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Social Work from BYU, Guerry specializes in the dynamics of addiction as it impacts relationships and attachment within family systems. Guerry has worked with the Division of Child and Family Services as a family preservation worker and child protective services worker, and he was the Adult Clinical Director at The Gathering Place before he became co-owner of the GreenHouse Center in fall of 2004.Guerry has been extensively involved with the LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program, assisting with the writing of the original Guidebook, as well as being a past facilitator at ARP support groups. He and Elsebeth have also recently been involved with a committee working on a new Addiction Recovery manual for family members of addicts. His (and his family’s) personal recovery from addiction is an important part of his skill set as a therapist. He is married to Elsebeth and they have 6 children, 5 grandchildren and 2 dogs. Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Guerry is a Marine Corps veteran and enjoys staying in touch with old friends and classmates. Tennis, Golf, Family History research and learning to play the drums are some of his hobbies and interests.


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