Lauren Lufkin, BTRC

Lauren is an important asset to our team. She brings with her years of experience and training specific to working through Betrayal Trauma. She is passionate about meeting and empathizing with women who have experienced the attachment ruptures that result from being in a relationship with a loved one who struggles with lust addiction. She recognizes and appreciates the bond and emotional healing that comes from connecting with others in recovery. As a coach, she offers a safe place to connect, an empathetic, attentive ear, and a deep understanding of the impact of different events throughout the recovery process including:

*processing the initial shock, confusion and hurt,

*preparing to receive a therapeutic full disclosure,

*navigating through the complexity of response to slips/relapses

*finding the right balance between mercy, justice and surrendering to God.

Lauren takes great care to provide the tools and proven recovery insight needed to feel more empowered, happy, encouraged and enlightened. She knows that with effort and patience, it is possible to find healing and renewed hope. Lauren loves being a mother and a wife. She enjoys traveling and the experience of being in new places with friends and family. She is dedicated to physical fitness and loves playing the piano and volleyball.