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I am LDS and need help with my Pornography Problem

Most everyone who is troubled by their pornography use asks the question, “Am I addicted?” A man attending a 12-step recovery group for sexual addiction stated, “I finally figured out that the reason I needed to quit was because I couldn’t. I hated what it was doing to me, but every time I quit I…

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Hazards of viewing and using Pornography

Pornography use has the potential to cause the following problems: There are many hazards to an individual when viewing or using pornography.  These hazards can have great impact on the lives of the person viewing, their spouse, and their family members.  Pornography is not a victim-less crime.  LDS Hope and Recovery can help you by…

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Discussing Pornography with Your Future Son-in-Law

Discussing Pornography with Your Future Son-in-Law By Geoff Steurer, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Director, LifeSTAR of St. George, UT I clearly remember the lunch appointment with my future father-in-law to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. I was a bundle of nerves, but I loved his daughter more than I was afraid to…

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A Parent and Teenagers guide to dealing with Pornography – Online Education

What: A six week online course about prevention and treatment of pornography addiction. The course provides education for teens who live in an over sexualized environment. It also addresses parent’s greatest concerns of how to safeguard their children from pornography, how to know if your child has a problem, how to approach the topic and what to do if your child…

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How do I know if I’m Addicted to Pornography?

Start by asking yourself a few questions: Do you ever feel bad or uncomfortable about your sexual behavior? Do you become restless or irritable when you are unable to engage in sexually related behavior? Do you ever feel guilt, remorse, or depression around your sexual behavior? Have you tried and failed to control the amount…

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My Husband has a problem with Pornography

Q. I discovered that my husband was having cybersex with other women two years ago. I’ve been married 9 years. I found out because he forgot to close an email that i didn’t even know existed and he was so sexually explicit with them. I felt disgusted. He was my world.  We went to a…

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Dear wife of a LDS Pornography Addict with no Sobriety.

I’m the guy who writes the rowboat and marbles essays about recovery from sex and pornography addiction ( I’ve been in recovery (i.e., no porn, no masturbation AND progressive victory over lust) for long enough now to know that complete and lasting sexual sobriety is possible both for myself and for other LDS men. Although…

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LDS Pornography Addiction

Pornography use is as wide spread and rampant today than it has ever been on the face of the earth. The Pornography industry is bigger and more powerful than any other industry in the world. It controls thousands of websites, and produces video after addictive video designed to trap you within its entangled progressive web. …

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A Road Map for Recovery Leaving Pornography Addiction

“This will be the last time” “It wasn’t as bad as other stuff I’ve seen” “It’s not like I look at it everyday” These self-reassuring statements are a small sampling of comments I hear from men who struggle with viewing pornography. They wonder if they are really addicted. Many of them hide in secrecy for…

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