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The “Talk” is Not Enough — Protecting our Children from Pornography Addiction

Pornography is everywhere.  Most people reading this article have a little device in their pocket right now that can download porn.  It’s in our homes, schools and work places.   For the most part it’s free.  Pornography is as addictive as methamphetamine, and equally destructive.   Yet because of the conveniences of technology we allow the possibility…

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Get help regardless of where you live!

Regardless of where you live, LDS Sexual Addiction counseling is now available via online counseling. LDS Hope and Recovery provides counseling for clients in a convenient and secure method.  Now you can meet with a counselor from anywhere (i.e. home, office, hotel room, or on the road).  Individual, couple and group counseling is available for…

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“Healing the Broken Hearted”, Support for Spouses

In between conference sessions Deseret Media Companies, KSL and Out in the light aired a wonderful presentation directed towards womens who’s husbands suffer from pornography / sexual addiction. The presentation is extremely positive and filled with valuable stories and professional insights from Jeff T. Ford, LMFT and Geoff Steurer, LMFT. Both of these individuals spend…

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Finding recovery from porn addiction

by, John L. Hart · · · · · One afternoon, two teenage children walked into the room and saw their father at the computer, and a screen that shouldn’t have been there. They immediately told their mother, who was so devastated she didn’t speak of it for two days. Then she demanded that he…

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Online Sexual Addiction Counseling

  LDS Hope and Recovery provides qualified counseling for those that suffer from Pornography / Sexual Addiction.  We employ trained counselors who have considerable experience in handling Sexual Addiction.  We utilize internet technologies to bring the counseling to you, wherever you are.  You no longer have to live near qualified counselors to get the help that you…

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Help for spouses and partners of addicts

A major focus of LDS Hope and Recovery’s is providing spouses and partners with educational information and tools that help in the healing process. Individuals and couples are encouraged to receive, but single adults and those who are married but would rather come alone are also welcome and encouraged to attend.

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The Road to Recovery

Recovery is difficult but definitely possible. Those who are completely committed to doing what it takes to find and maintain recovery are successful. Recovery involves: Desiring to recover and honestly admitting to others the magnitude of the problem Becoming educated about the nature of pornography addiction and the recovery process Creating a safe environment where…

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