The Whole Armour of God – Protection against Porn Addiction

The above video was produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS), several years ago. It is one of my favorites. The message is very humbling, and reminds of the weaknesses that we all face. Satan stands by waiting to attack, and exploit those weaknesses. He is waiting for that moment when we let our guard down. Satan has attacked those that struggle with this pornography / sexual addiction and has brought much pain into their lives, and relationships. The process of recovery is the process of repentance. Both are a gift from God that is available to everyone. Regardless of how far your addiction has gone. It is never too late, there is a path back, and we at LDS Hope and Recovery can help.

God makes recovery from pornography and sexual addiction available to us, as we work to create safety in our lives, and relationships, by making and keeping boundaries, being 100% honest with ourselves, God, and our families. We must work hard everyday, one day at a time, to turn our will, and lives over to God. Recovery from pornography addiction is not found on your own though. It will take the support and help of a Ecclesiastical leader, trained therapists in addiction, and support group. Research has shown that by combining these important components recovery can be found and relationships can be restored.

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