The Getting Started Workshop

Getting Started is a six-week educational course designed for people struggling with pornography and sexual addiction as well as for their partners. This course provides handouts and materials to educate participants about the cycle of sexual addiction and the underlying issues that contribute to sex addiction, and it teaches individuals how to begin their recovery journey toward sobriety and healthy, balanced living. The primary focus of the Getting Started workshop is to educate and create an environment of support and hope. We have found that when clients are well informed about the underlying issues that influence unhealthy behaviors, they become empowered to take a more proactive and successful approach toward sobriety and complete recovery. By taking this first step, clients are also taught how to help create safety for their partners and to understand how their behaviors have likely created trauma for their partners.

The Getting Started workshop is intended for those starting out in recovery, and it is also recommended for those who have been attending 12-step programs or for those being discharged from an in-patient setting. We strongly recommend that couples attend so they can begin the process of education together; however, the workshop is also designed for single adults and for those clients whose partners are unable or unwilling to attend. During these six weeks, all participants are together for educational portions of the workshop. When reviewing homework, clients are divided into smaller groups consisting of men and women separately.


The “Getting Started Workshop”  is $200 per person, or $300 for a couple.   

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