What is Sex Addiction?

Dr. Patrick Carnes defines addiction as having a pathological relationship with a mood altering chemical or behavior. Simply stated, sexual addiction is the lack of control of some sexual behavior or relationship. Perhaps the most helpful definition is a practical one: sexual behavior that has a negative effect on one’s life.

Like with alcohol or drugs, sex addiction fits the classic, four-component model of what comprises an addiction:

  1. Compulsivity- The loss of control over a behavior. An addict continues in the behavior or relationship despite repeated attempts to stop.
  2. Continuation despite negative consequences.
  3. Preoccupation or obsession.
  4. Tolerance- More of the same behavior or an escalation of progressive behaviors is required to get the same “high”.

The following sources of information may be helpful in your journey to understand Pornography / Sexual Addiction.

Can Pornography us become an actual brain addiction?

Donald L. Hilton Jr., MD speaks about Pornography / Sexual addiction.

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