About LDS Hope & Recovery

About LDS Hope & Recovery

LDS Hope & Recovery is dedicated to providing qualified coaching for addicts, spouses and family members who struggle with pornography / sexual addiction.  It no longer matters where you live in the world, you can receive the help you need where you are.  The Coaches at LDS Hope & Recovery specialize in treating this unique addiction and will provide you the support you need founded in the LDS faith.

Value Statements

Pornography is extremely addictive. The addiction causes powerful chemical changes in the brain that almost always requires outside help to overcome.

In someway or another this issue will eventually affect every family in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The spouse, partner, parents and other loved ones are deeply affected by the addict’s behavior and usually suffer from Betrayal Trauma and need help and support to heal from the betrayal.

Critical steps to find recovery


Come out of hiding. Pornography addiction thrives in secrecy.


Become educated about Pornography / Sexual Addiction.


Set boundaries and practice self-care.


Work with a qualified sexual addiction professional.


Actively participate in a 12-Step program.

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