Jed Anderson, Clinical Director, CMHC

Jed has spent over 15 years involved in specialized help from sexual addiction, he is passionate about helping those stuck in addiction as well as their spouses or other loved ones who are struggling with betrayal trauma. As a therapist the greatest reward for Jed is seeing people find hope and peace through recovery work and through healing the attachments with self, God, spouse and others.

His recovery philosophy is that as with anything worth having in life lasting recovery is found by combining the principles of gospel truth and hard work, however it also requires healing and growth from deep inside ones heart. Jed is experienced and skilled at helping find and work through those deeper pieces that are often overlooked, misunderstood or linked to shame.

Jed also knows the road to healing for a spouse of an addict can seem very overwhelming. He is skilled at helping them work through the process of healing their hearts and finding a path back to trust and safety.

The treatment modalities Jed uses include Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems, Gottman Couples Therapy, Betrayal Trauma Treatment, EMDR and CBT. He is authoring the book  "Humble Warrior Recovery- How your True Self can overcome the addiction struggles in your life" and the book "B.O.M.B. Recovery- Book Of Mormon Based recovery from lust addiction."

Jed’s favorite things to do include golf, basketball, traveling, camping & being in the mountains. He loves being a husband to a wonderful wife and father to five great kids.

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