Qualified Pornography and Sexual Addiction Counseling is now available in Montana.

Montana LDS

Addiction Recovery

Are you looking for Qualified Pornography / Sexual Addiction Counseling in Montana? LDS Hope and Recovery can provide provide counseling in Montana that will aid you in your recovery process. We offer online counseling with experienced counselors who understand sexual addiction. All of our counselors have considerable training and experience in dealing with and helping those that struggle with this addiction. They can help you and your family find recovery!

We Believe

  • Recovery from Pornography / Sexual addiction is possible.
  • Viewing Pornography is wrong, and causes damage to the soul (body, and spirit) and destroys relationships.
  • God actually gifts recovery as the addict, and the afflicted exercise faith.
  • Qualified counseling is an integral part to understanding the addiction and finding recovery.
  • Pornography / Lust is wrong and destructive
  • Addiction is a disease that requires treatment.
  • Codependents need recovery/treatment as much as the addicts
  • Honesty is always the best policy
  • Sexual sobriety means having no form of sex with self or with anyone other than the spouse.

Your path to recovery can begin today by contacting us! We can Help!

Anaconda-Deer Lodge County 8,792
Belgrade, MT 8,192
Billings, MT 105,845
Bozeman 39,282
Butte-Silver Bow 32,268
Evergreen, MT 6,215
Great Falls, MT 59,366
Havre 9,656
Helena Valley Southeast 7,141
Helena Valley West Central 6,983
Helena, MT 29,939
Kalispell 21,640
Laurel, MT 6,750
Livingston, MT 7,380
Miles City 8,123
Missoula 68,876
Whitefish 8,400

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