About 12-Step Programs

  • 12-Step programs help individuals apply the atonement as they deal with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery and healing.
  • Support groups exist for both those who are addicted to pornography (such as SA or PASG) and their spouses and loved ones (such as S-Anon or LDS Family Support Groups)
  • A sponsor is someone who has worked the 12 steps and found recovery from a specific addiction. They can provide daily accountability, hope and guidance. A sponsor’s role in recovery is critical.
  • The benefit of 12-Step programs is largely derived from the other members present. It is important to help individuals find a meeting that works for them. Effective groups will usually have: meetings several times a week conducted by someone who is in recovery from that addiction, a reasonable number of people  who have found healing and recovery, available sponsors, literature on overcoming the specific addiction (such as the SA White Book or  S-Anon Blue Book), a methodology for working the 12 steps and a definition of sobriety that accords with the value system of the individual seeking help.
  • If strong 12-Step groups are not locally available, individuals can be proactive in helping to establish such groups. Online and telephone meetings are also an option.

LDS Hope and Recovery hosts free meetings for individuals who are working towards recovery.  We hand pick individuals who are in recovery and have a considerable amount of sobriety to act as facilitators.  All of our meetings are online.

Click here to view a schedule of online meetings.   (All of our meetings utilize the SA White Book, and adhere to the criteria found  at www.sa.org.)

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