LDS Pornography Addiction

Pornography use is as wide spread and rampant today than it has ever been on the face of the earth. The Pornography industry is bigger and more powerful than any other industry in the world. It controls thousands of websites, and produces video after addictive video designed to trap you within its entangled progressive web.  Children are being exposed to it, and father’s are being thrown in jail every single day for extreme uses of this material. It is scary to think of where the world will be in just a few years. Unfortunately our community is not immune to this despicable material. LDS Pornography Addiction is affecting many of our priesthood bearing men, they are imprisoned by its addictive powers. Many are afraid of might happen, or what they might lose if they come forward. So they struggle in silence trying to manage a force that is unmanageable, while it destroys precious relationships with their wives and children. Pornography / Sexual addiction is a serious matter, and it deserves all of our attention. LDS Hope and Recovery is dedicated to directing, and providing help to willing Men and Women. Our qualified counselors understand this addiction and will do all they can guide the addicted and their spouse back to normal living. There is hope and you can overcome this tragic evil.  Start today by contacting us or setting up an appointment.  We can help you overcome  LDS Pornograpy Addiction!

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