Workshops are held Tuesday evenings from 8:30 -10:30 pm MST for six weeks.  All classes are held online utilizing the latest in Video conferencing technology which allows you to attend from the comfort of your home.

Sign Up Instructions for the Phase 1 “Getting Started Workshop”

  1. Call 800-200-7951 and indicate that you’d like to sign up for the “Getting Started Workshop”.
  2. You will be asked to schedule a preliminary assessment appointment. Each individual must receive a one-time assessment with a member of our staff before starting the program. Couples are encouraged to attend the initial appointment together. We want to ensure that this is the best treatment option for your specific needs. The cost of the initial assessment is not included in the cost of the “Getting Started Workshop.”
  3. After completing the initial assessment, you will be receive information on how to pay for the course, the location of the workshop, and other important information. The cost for the “Getting Started Workshop” is $250 per person.  From now until May 8th it is only $200, and if you sign up with another person (partner/spouse/parent) it is only $350 for the both of you.  This price includes all workshop workbooks and materials.
  4. After payment is received, your registration for the class is complete.

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